No armor

Your eyes been giving me such a high

And for the first time in my life I’m not afraid of heights

I left my armor at home tonight

So, I’m wearing my heart on my sleeves

It’s still soaking wet from the times I bled

Times I can’t forget

Times I won’t get back

I want to hear you ring the bells

And announce that I win

So I can’t stop worrying about men in your bed

I’m rolling around in your scent

Because you left some of your kiss on the side of my neck

And that shit makes me feel alive

Even after I thought I died a million times

I been drinking to numb my nerves

Because to be vulnerable, it hurts

Fast, so I’m usually the first to get burnt

Leaving my armor at home, because I see you left yours.

Like old times

Let’s get old-school drunk off 40z in the park

Right on the bench with chipped green paint

Just me and you alone with the rats and their worm like tails

Just us under the moon

Let’s chill with your wireless speaker

Let’s disturb the hawks that are claw deep into their sleep

Wear your adidas with the burnt leather

The ones we scratched up in the rave

Chipped paint,

Let’s dance in the dark, with the lighting bugs landing on our shoulders

It’s a runway

But I won’t ever runaway from what casts away my pain

This is where we shared our first kiss

Horny and drunk, entertaining the homeless men masturbating

As they shake on the floor

And how time might’ve froze for a long second

As our lips separated softly

As the rat sneaks sleep in with the squirrel, undetected

As the hawks scream

the screeching sending sound-waves across the city’s sky and trees

Let’s get drunk in the park.

Staying relevant

I haven’t picked up a book nor summited an entry in over two months. It feels as if the motive never laid in my arsenal. Nowadays, I’m loaded up with violent reflexes and bad blood. Nowadays, I ensure and enjoy the suffering of those with corrupted intentions. I once was weak when alone, powerless and drained of ambition. I once dodged mirrors for three years straight, afraid of my reflections and the different sides of myself. Things sure did change.

Who cares for a title

I’ve gotten to know plenty women

Flawless diamonds to the most rotten pumpkins

I fell in love numerous times

With the same and different souls

Everyone’s heart is alive in July

Alive on the beach with a beer

Lost hope washed up against the shore

No makeup can hide the filth when the tide is low

I meet love at the bars

Holding glass bottles upside down

I meet love in circles with folded pretzel legs

Rolling up papers planes

I’m the stoner who hides under stones, because the sun is too bright to on my flaws.

Waiting on the end

I’m still rolling

And you’re still rolling out your bull shit

We fuck before we sleep

To keep some kind of peace

But I can’t keep fighting demons in my king sheets

Running on E

But we keep pushing until we’re empty

To separate in the pouring rain in a bloody highway

Push it to the limit, crash dummies waiting for the impact

You’re on your pills and the iron smells like exhaust tips

I keep smoking gas

Let’s see if we end up exploding

Nice drive

We’re at about 85 on i95

The road is clear, plain and flawless

Traffic is on hold for the afternoon

Traffic took the day off for us

How groovy is that?

The sky defining the colors of blue, white, red and purple

Maybe its the new shades I’m wearing

That glorifies the polarize

Maybe it’s the Mary Jane that just hit

Maybe it’s the vibe that I’m in

The lumps on the road bump to rattle up my seat

How nice is that?

Winter is leaving me sooner than later

The leaves are growing and showing green again

How lucky

How lucky, that there’s no conversation

Because right now, I want to talk to myself

The music is smooth

Hope ya’ll having a smooth ride too.

wine before bed

You’re sleeping over there
I hear the breathing on your bed
Maybe you’re awake hearing the breathing over here
Maybe i woke you, While my glass rises and lands
This wine is as sweet as your lips
It sleeps on my kiss, like how I sleep with you
Tonight, I won’t hold you
Tonight, I’ll let my mind explore
Tonight, I’ll travel as a statue
Still on this chair and hushed on your bed
Tonight, I’ll speak to myself
Tonight, my silence lets loose in your room
Tonight my thoughts are out on bail
Soon to be incarcerated again
So sleep dear
I’ll be here, loving you unconditionally
Loving you while you face the wall
while I face another cupful
Before i sleep, I’ll kiss the bone on your shoulder blade
I won’t even finish my last cup
So I’ll let it rot on your desk
And marinate in my flesh
Tonight I thought about you and how much I love you.